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Gilead is looking for a HIV Medical Scientist in Paris. Are you fit for the job?

Would you rather try applying for a Pharmacy Technician position at PAREXEL in Germany? We chose the job offers, now you handpick! Suit yourself and we hope you find the opportunity to kickstart your career with our suggestions! We have big …

rheumatoid arthritis anti-il-6r ablynx abbvie

Ablynx’ Best-In-Class Antibody might not be that ‘Compelling’ to Abbvie

Ablynx has disclosed ‘compelling’ results for its Phase IIb trial in rheumatoid arthritis. But it might have a hard time compelling AbbVie to pay €68M to continue the candidate’s development, as the grass is not as green as it seems… Ablynx‘s …

rio olympics 2016 biotech doping

Yes, Biotech can help you win the Olympic Games of Rio

The world’s eyes are set on the 2016 edition of the Summer Olympics, which started in Rio de Janeiro last week. I had a look at how Biotech has been involved in the Olympics – and how it could define …

sleep homeostasis sandman channel oxford cncb

The Brain’s Sleep Switch was just discovered, zZz …

Researchers from the University of Oxford have discovered how certain neurons control when we go to sleep. The biology behind it involves an ion channel that reacts to the ‘happy chemical’ dopamine, changing places in the neurons. Sleep is essential …

endometriosis treatment women's health biotech

A €580M Collaboration for Endometriosis Therapies breaks into Clinical Development

An endometriosis therapy is now moving to clinical development. It’s the result of a collaboration between Evotec and Bayer, which plan to develop 3 therapies for endometriosis – a common cause of chronic pain and infertility in women.  Along its journey from …

fda tcr cell therapy hold adaptimmune

A pickier FDA puts TCR Cell Therapy on Hold

The FDA puts one of Adaptimmune‘s TCR trials on a partial hold, pending more information about the production of its cell therapy. It’s more waves for the Biotech’s financial rocking boat. Oxford-based Adaptimmune is one of the European players in TCR …


Dutch FF Pharma has a Promising Immunotherapy to fight Crohn’s Disease

Arrivederci Italia! We’re going to fly up to the Netherlands for another Biotech-related adventure! This time, we’re visiting Utrecht, the fourth most populated city in the country and home-base to FF Pharma, our Biotech of the Week! City: Utrecht (The Netherlands) …

roche inovio hbv immunotherapy vaccine

Roche drops Partnership for Hepatitis Immunotherapy

While everybody wants to get the next immunotherapy on the market, Roche is turning its back on one. It’s leaving the partnership with Inovio, which focuses on developing a DNA-based immunotherapy to treat Hepatitis B. Previously, Roche has left projects …

pharmamar pm1183 small cell lung cancer

Marine Drug goes to Phase III trials to treat Lung Cancer

PharmaMar is starting a new Phase III trial, with patients suffering from small cell lung cancer (SCLC). It’ll test the efficacy of its third candidate obtained from marine organisms (PM1183) as a SCLC treatment. PharmaMar is one of the hot Biotechs in …

cambridge famin C13orf31 mutations macrophage

Mysterious Immunology Mechanism Unlocked thanks to CRISPR

While studying a mutation connected to inflammatory disease, researchers from the University of Cambridge have found a previously unknown mechanism in immune response. As the cost of NGS plummets, genetic data is growing massively. With the help of bioinformatics, information …


UPDATED: TiGenix finishes Phase III Stem Cell therapy to treat Crohn’s disease

Belgium is a real pioneer in developing stem cell therapies. TiGenix pushes this precursor position even further by presenting good results from a Phase III of its stem cell therapy (Cx611) treating Crohn’s disease. UPDATE (article originally published on 24/8/2015): …

jobs header 3august

Actelion and Novartis are hiring! Do the positions suit you?

If not, you might find interesting what positions Merck, Pfizer or Novo Nordisk are offering below! Have a look at this week’s opportunity list and see if there’s a match! Good luck! Research and Development Medical Manager at Ecron Acunova. Frankfurt am …


Inside Labiotech

labiotech team low

We’re looking for a Journalist intern to join us in Berlin

In September, we are going to celebrate our second birthday. Wanna be at the party? Apply to the intern position below and you might be with us 😉 Here are more details on what we are looking for: Journalist intern …

Biotech marketing native advertising traffic growth

How did we increase the online traffic of this Biotech by 289%?

Helping Biotech companies being more visible is what we do every day, so here’s a case study of how we successfully helped GEG-Tech. GEG-Tech is specialized in customized design and production of lentiviral vectors, and last November we helped to get more visitors onto …


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